Boiler Installations in Epsom | Common Boiler Myths Debunked

Have you decided to invest in a new boiler? If yes, you may have already started your research on what will make the right fit for your household’s needs. It’s also just as likely that you’ve encountered plenty of conflicting, and outright confusing, information. At Surrey Gas & Services we cover everything from new boiler installations to servicing and repairs. We make all boiler-related services in Epsom and the surrounding Surrey areas simple and stress-free.


In this blog, we debunk some of the most common myths surrounding boilers. Finding the right appliance and having it installed can be stressful enough without misinformation clouding your judgement.


As a customer-focused company, we put your satisfaction at the heart of everything we do. We communicate in clear, concise terms. We schedule our visits to your Epsom home at your convenience.


We make new boiler installations easy. Please contact us to arrange an initial consultation.


Clearing Up Common Boiler Myths


MYTH: Combi boilers fill baths slowly.


This myth originates from the time when combi boilers first found popularity. As such, around 15 years ago, this was true. At that time, new boiler installations were sized depending on the hot water tank’s size and how many radiators the property had.


Now, however, we focus on output. In short, to heat a higher volume of water more quickly, we fit larger output combi boilers with a high flow rate.


Combi boilers are available in a range of sizes and output capacities. As experienced, professional gas engineers, we assess your Epsom property and recommend the most suitable option for your needs.


MYTH: Hot water takes longer to reach the tap.


Much like the myth above, this one used to be true a long time ago. It just hasn’t died away as technology has improved. Modern boiler installations have a preheat function. This will deliver a small amount of hot water for basic tasks such as washing your hands. As such, you shouldn’t notice much of a delay in the time it takes for hot water to reach your tap.


If you value saving money and energy over having near-instant hot water from your taps, you can turn the preheat function off. This is just one of many ways a new boiler can improve energy efficiency in your Epsom home.


MYTH: Combi boilers aren’t a good choice for big homes.


This myth shares the same origins as the first one on this list. Essentially, it was assumed that combi boiler installations couldn’t handle the large hot water demands of a big house. This simply isn’t true. As gas engineers, we have worked at large properties in and around Surrey with multiple bathrooms, all of which took their hot water supply from a single combi boiler.


If your Epsom home is on the larger side and this is a concern for you, we can clarify the situation in a consultation. Put simply for now, you can opt for a boiler with storage capacity. This will store and heat water separately. As a result, when you run your tap, the stored water gets heated instantly and then delivered.


MYTH: If your boiler fails, there is no backup.


This one can be true, but it’s not a universal truth. If you don’t have a hot water tank or an electric immersion heater, there is little by way of backup. If you have a combi boiler in your home, and it fails, you won’t have access to hot water or heating. However, all leading boiler manufacturers offer 8- to 10-year warranties with their new appliances. In this sense, if anything does go wrong, you have some form of backup.


You can reduce the chances of a boiler breakdown at your Epsom home by investing in annual servicing. New boiler installations represent a sizeable investment, so it makes sense to get the best possible return on it.


A yearly service keeps your appliance in optimal condition and maintains its energy efficiency. Regular maintenance also catches small issues before they develop into bigger problems. This means you may only need to pay for minor fixes rather than large-scale repairs a few years down the line.

Call Surrey Gas & Services on 03330 506 802 to discuss everything from boiler installations to annual servicing and repairs. We cover Epsom and the wider Surrey area.

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