Boiler Repairs in Epsom | Should I Repair or Replace My Faulty Boiler?

One of the biggest fears a homeowner has is waking up one morning to find their boiler is playing up or, even worse, not working at all. This is especially true in winter when central heating and hot water are more important. If you live with this concern, either because your boiler is old or has developed performance-related issues, you will likely face a big decision soon: should I pay for more boiler repairs or invest in a new appliance?


At Surrey Gas & Services, our heating, plumbing and gas engineers provide decades of expertise to property owners in Epsom and the surrounding areas. As a genuinely local, customer-focused company, we fully understand the severity of faulty boilers and the disruption they cause.


It’s natural to take hot water and central heating for granted. But when we have the luxury taken away, it becomes a traumatic time for the entire household.


You can’t take a relaxing bath. You start to dread jumping in another cold morning shower. Washing up starts piling up in and around the kitchen sink. If your problem occurs in winter, your house, be it in Epsom or any other Surrey location, starts to feel cold and uninviting.


Put simply, your house becomes the opposite of a home.


Naturally, you want the quickest possible solution, but it’s always best to consider whether boiler repairs truly represent a better option than a replacement.


In this blog, we provide a list of questions about your boiler to help clarify the situation.


Boiler Repairs or Replacement? | Making the Right Choice


If you’re caught between choosing a new boiler or repairing an older one, the questions below will help you to reach a decision.


How old is your boiler?


Going without a functional boiler for any length of time isn’t an appealing prospect. But you should consider the age of your current appliance before committing to boiler repairs. After approximately 10 years, boiler manufacturers usually discontinue spares, parts and accessories for their older models. As such, if you can’t find the parts for the repair work, or if it becomes a treasure hunt, it’s more prudent to invest in a replacement.


What’s more, if your boiler is 10 years old or more, it probably doesn’t operate with optimal efficiency. This means it could be more expensive than necessary to heat your Epsom home. In such a case, a replacement makes a logical, cost-effective solution.


How does your boiler’s energy efficiency compare to new models?


The subject of energy efficiency is important when it comes to boiler repairs and replacement. If your existing appliance is especially old, there’s a chance it isn’t a condensing boiler.


In 2004, an update to the Building Regulations stated that all new boilers must be high-efficiency condensing models. These appliances not only save on energy costs, they also benefit the environment.


If you’re unsure, contact your boiler manufacturer to find out the energy rating for your current installation in Epsom.


How much will boiler repairs really cost?


Boiler repair work differs from case to case. This means the final cost will vary too. Some boiler and central heating repairs run into hundreds of pounds. However, compared to fitting a new appliance, this usually seems much more affordable.


But you must think in the long-term. Is it more cost-effective to replace your boiler rather than repair it? If it’s getting old, more repair work could arise sooner rather than later.


How reliable has your boiler been?


Nobody wants a broken boiler, of course. But you don’t want to live in fear of knowing an unreliable boiler could break down again at any time. If the appliance heating your Epsom home has already started showing its age, ongoing boiler repairs only represent a false economy.


Of most importance, replacing an unreliable boiler with a new one will eliminate the associated stress for many years to come.


What do you have to lose?


Yes, fitting a brand-new boiler will likely cost more than your boiler repairs. However, if you have the available budget, installing a new appliance makes a fantastic long-term investment. You can save a significant amount of money on a yearly basis by avoiding small repairs and reducing energy bills.


In short, there’s nothing to lose and an awful lot to gain.

Call Surrey Gas & Services on 03330 506 802 to discuss your own boiler repairs in Epsom. We also provide boiler servicing and new installations across Surrey.

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