Boiler Repairs in Epsom | Never Take the DIY Approach with Gas

When something goes wrong in your Epsom home, there’s an understandable urge to try and fix it yourself. In many cases, this is a great solution. Not only do you get the job done with minimal expense, you don’t have to wait for a professional to come and assess the job, let alone start it. However, for gas appliances, a DIY approach not only isn’t advisable, it’s illegal. Only gas engineers on the Gas Safe Register can perform work like boiler repairs and annual servicing.


Gas-related work has a legal standard for a reason. If left in the hands of an unqualified amateur, your appliances could become a danger to you, your family and your property.


In this blog, we look at some of the reasons why you must never treat gas services as a DIY job.


Do you need boiler repairs or an annual servicing at your home in Epsom? Or is it time for a new boiler installation? Call Surrey Gas & Services on 03330 506 802 to discuss your needs.


The Dangers of Gas-related DIY Projects


When it comes to DIY, there is always an element of working against the unknown. If you’re painting a living room or putting up some shelves, the consequences of making a mistake are negligible.


Making even the smallest error with a gas appliance could have tragic results.


Not only can you unwittingly make the initial problem worse, you might think you’ve solved it only to create a new issue elsewhere in the system.


Below, we have listed some of the dangers you open yourself up to when undertaking illegal DIY boiler repairs at your Epsom property.


Gas Leaks


Gas leaks are incredibly dangerous. They present a huge risk to your property and its occupants, be they your family or tenants in a rental home. If your boiler develops a fault, no matter how small, it can end up with a gas leak. This is because simply leaving it is just as dangerous as trying to fix it yourself.


In short, there is no alternative to calling out Gas Safe-registered gas engineers for the necessary boiler repairs.


With many causes of combustion around the house, failure to properly attend to a gas leak can be fatal. In the most extreme cases, a leak can even lead to an explosion.


Carbon Monoxide Poisoning


Along with gas leaks, another fatal risk associated with faulty boilers and systems is a carbon monoxide leak. Known as ‘the silent killer’, this deadly substance has no taste, smell or appearance. It’s undetectable to humans. The only way to protect yourself from a carbon monoxide leak in your Epsom home is to fit an alarm.


If you have even the smallest concern about an issue related to your boiler or central heating system, don’t hesitate to contact Surrey Gas & Services. We will send one of our gas engineers to your property without delay. Following a quick, comprehensive inspection, we present the most effective boiler repairs at a competitive price.




Gas is one of the leading causes of house fires in the UK. Even the smallest leak will soon present enough gas to ignite a relatively wide space. If a flammable item lays in the same area, it could be the catalyst for a fast-spreading fire. Undertaking a DIY boiler repair in any respect greatly increases the chances of your system developing a leak.


The gas engineers at Surrey Gas & Services share decades of industry experience. We have worked on central heating and hot water systems of every kind over the years. As such, we can inspect and diagnose any issues you may have with a quick turnaround time.


Most importantly, our effective boiler repairs and servicing give you peace of mind that your Epsom property remains safe.

Call Surrey Gas & Services on 03330 506 802 to talk over your own boiler repairs or servicing needs. We cover all locations in the Epsom area.

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