Boiler Repairs in Guildford, Epsom, Worcester Park and the Wider Surrey Region

At Surrey Gas & Services Ltd, we understand that there is never a good time to suffer a boiler breakdown. A broken or faulty boiler in the winter months, however, causes all manner of difficulties. Whatever the season, being without heating and hot water for any length of time can be a real concern for homeowners throughout Surrey, particularly if they have children.


As former British Gas engineers, our personnel have over 16 years of combined experience specialising in boiler repairs in the Epsom, Guildford and Worcester Park areas.


We always aim to carry out diagnostics within an hour, so we can get down to fixing the problem as soon as possible. Acting quickly will not only get your system running efficiently again, but it may also prevent the problem from getting worse.

Gas Engineers in Epsom

Our gas engineers have compiled a list of 5 signs that your boiler may need repair:


  • Strange Noises – While certain sounds indicate that a boiler is on and working, if you hear unusual noises coming from the boiler at your home in Epsom, Guildford or Worcester Park, then it’s not functioning properly. Sounds such as mechanical clunking, whistling, sloshing or gurgling may indicate a damaged heat pump, faulty fan, blocked system or broken heat exchanger. Contact us for boiler repairs sooner rather than later, to avoid permanent damage which may require the installation of a replacement boiler.
  • Foul Odours – As carbon monoxide has no odour, gas companies add a sulphur smell to the gas they supply to make it easier for homeowners to detect a leak. Gas leaks are incredibly dangerous, so if your boiler is emitting an eggy smell and there are dark spots on the casing, call our gas engineers immediately for emergency boiler repairs.
  • Hot Water Delays – Whether you’re a homeowner in Epsom, a landlord in Guildford or a tenant in Worcester Park, if it takes a long time for the water from your hot water tap to heat up, then you may have a circulation issue. Simple boiler repairs can help the hot water in your property to flow more efficiently and quickly.
  • Water Leaks – Damaged components and internal malfunctions can cause boilers to leak, which can result in water damage to your property. If you notice that your boiler pressure drops or you spot a leak, even if it’s just a single drip, call our gas engineers for emergency boiler repairs.
  • Higher Energy Bills – If there’s a sudden spike in your energy bills or they are slowly increasing, this could be due to an inefficient or faulty boiler in need of repair.


Whatever the problem, Surrey Gas & Services Ltd has the knowledge, experience and personnel to handle it. Our gas engineers also offer a 24-hour callout service for emergency boiler repairs around Surrey.

Call our gas engineers on 03330 506 802 for boiler repairs around Epsom, Guildford, Worcester Park and the surrounding areas.

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Gas Engineers in Epsom
Gas Engineers in Epsom
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