Boiler Servicing in Epsom | 6 Signs You Need to Service Your Boiler

Can you remember the last time you had your boiler serviced? The current industry standard recommends boiler servicing every 12 months. Similarly, to meet the warranty terms, many boiler manufacturers require their appliances to undergo a service within a year of installation. It is then advised to continue this servicing on an annual basis thereafter.


From Epsom to Surrey to the rest of the UK, annual boiler servicing is a key feature of any energy-efficient home. What’s more, if you invest in regular services, you are far more likely to avoid the greater cost – not to mention stress and disruption – of boiler breakdowns and repairs.


As time-served gas engineers, we understand that it’s easy to take your boiler for granted, especially outside of the winter months. Skipping a service here and there may seem like a few pounds saved. However, you may only be giving small issues the chance to develop into bigger problems.


In this blog, we examine 6 common signs that you need to schedule a boiler servicing at your Epsom property. Call Surrey Gas & Services on 03330 506 802 to arrange yours.


Boiler Servicing | Signs Yours is Overdue


Lack of Previous Maintenance


Lets return to our question at the top of this page: can you remember the last time you had a boiler servicing? If not, or if you’re only vaguely sure, it’s probably time. The longer you delay it, the more likely you are to wake up one day without central heating or hot water.


Needless to say, if this occurs in winter, you could face a period of extreme discomfort and inconvenience.




If you ever find water leaking out of your boiler, you must call professional help immediately. We will send one of our gas engineers to your Epsom property as quickly as possible.


While leaks are a clear sign of improper boiler operation, they also indicate that much bigger problems will soon develop. If you fail to spot a leak, or don’t act on it, you could face even greater issues beyond the boiler itself. These include developing mould and water damage to your property.


Poor Energy Efficiency


Boiler problems don’t always manifest themselves physically. For example, have you noticed your monthly energy bills creeping up? This is a common sign that you need a boiler servicing.


While it’s true your energy costs may simply rise, you will likely be aware of this. An unexpected increase usually means your boiler isn’t operating at peak efficiency. If you avoid annual servicing, various build-ups start to accumulate inside your appliance.


In short, this means your boiler must work harder, and use more energy, to heat your Epsom home and provide it with hot water.


Slow Heating Up Time


You shouldn’t have to settle for a poorly performing boiler. Put simply, if your boiler takes longer and longer to heat up, it indicates a problem that is only getting worse. At Surrey Gas & Services, we strongly advise acting swiftly when you first notice your boiler slowing down.


A quick boiler servicing at your Epsom home will always represent a better solution than waiting for it to fail completely.


Operating Problems


Have you noticed a change to your usual heating or hot water supply? While there can be numerous reasons for such issues, it’s always worth checking your boiler first. For example, if one part of your house is hot, but another is icy cold, you might think of it as a draft problem.


In many cases, however, such issues are usually an inefficient boiler struggling to fulfil its role.


You’re Hearing Things


One of the reasons it’s so easy to take boilers for granted is their relatively silent operation. This is why it’s so jarring, and concerning, when your appliance starts to make noises. These can range from clunking sounds to hissing.


If you arrange for a boiler servicing at your Epsom property when you first hear these noises, you’re far likely to have a simple, cost-effective solution. Delaying will only increase the problem and the size of the repair bill.

Call Surrey Gas & Services on 03330 506 802 to schedule your own boiler servicing in Epsom. We also cover locations across Surrey.

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