Boiler Servicing in Epsom | What Happens During a Boiler Service?

Are you due your annual boiler servicing soon? If yes, it’s important to schedule a prompt visit from one of our gas engineers. Boiler and gas safety are incredibly important for the wellbeing of your property and its occupants, be they your family in your home, tenants in a rental property or staff in a commercial space. It’s a legal requirement to have your servicing performed by a professional on the Gas Safe Register. At Surrey Gas & Services, we hold this accreditation, along with decades of trade experience.


Covering all locations in Epsom, we perform boiler servicing efficiently and with a keen eye for detail. But have you ever wondered what exactly our engineers do during the service itself?


As such a vital procedure, we understand the curiosity. In fact, knowing what to expect when having your boiler serviced offers you additional peace of mind.


Proactive Boiler Servicing, Not Reactive Repairs


We have dedicated this blog to outlining the steps our gas engineers take during your service. However, it’s essential that we underline the importance of proactive maintenance work as opposed to reactive repairs.


According to current industry guidelines, you should have your boiler serviced annually. You should also service your boiler upon moving into a new property, be it in Epsom or any other Surrey location. This ensures your living environment is safe. It also uncovers potentially nasty surprises before they have a chance to develop.


The manufacturer’s instructions for your boiler are equally important. As the gas engineers performing your boiler servicing, we should have access to this information before starting the process. It’s also helpful if you can let us know in advance of our visit what make and model boiler you have. This allows us to fully prepare for the service ahead of time.


The Boiler Servicing Process


When we arrive at your Epsom property, feel free to ask us for our Gas Safe Register identification. Like any reputable gas engineers, we don’t mind. We only want to put your mind at ease.


The engineer at your property will then ask if your boiler has been performing to a satisfactory standard of late, and whether it has displayed any faults. Next, we start on the service itself.


In accordance with HHIC (Heating & Hotwater Industry Council) guidelines, Surrey Gas & Services performs boiler servicing as follows:


  1. Have the boiler manufacturer’s instruction available.
  2. Run the boiler for a short time to ensure correct operation. Isolate the boiler and heating system electrically. Confirm isolation with test equipment. Check that the fuse rating for the boiler and heating system is right.
  3. Remove the boiler’s casing. Perform internal and external boiler inspections. Check for signs of corrosion, water leaks and other distress.
  4. Considering the manufacturer’s instructions, clean the boiler as needed. This includes components like the primary heat-exchanger, condensate tap and burner.
  5. Reinstate the electrical supply safely. Next, check the boiler’s gas burner pressure or perform a gas-rate check. If needed, do both.
  6. If visible, visually check the boiler’s flame. Undertake a flue gas analysis test.
  7. Replace any combustion analysis test points in the correct manner. Ensure the boiler case seals form an effective seal.
  8. Check that the property in Epsom, or any other location, meets the ventilation requirements.
  9. Carry out checks on the boiler flue along the entire length. This includes the point of termination. In addition, perform flue flow and spillage tests for boiler servicing on an open-flued model.
  10. Check all boiler safety devices work correctly.
  11. Undertake the necessary safety checks. This includes inspections for gas leaks from the boiler and the connecting pipework.
  12. Relay the details of any noted safety defects. Depending on the severity of the issue at hand, perform the necessary fix. All rectifications comply with the GIUSP (Gas Industry Unsafe Situations Procedure).
  13. For problems that cannot be resolved there and then, talk over the most effective remedial action as well as the options to rectify the fault(s) later.
  14. Fill out the Benchmark service report and record before handing over the final documentation.


While the above represents the main body of your boiler servicing in Epsom, our gas engineers also carry out several final checks. These include:


  • Checking the overall performance of the system
  • Checking the system pressure
  • Outlining further work that you may need done
  • Advice on, and benefits of, regular servicing

Call Surrey Gas & Services on 03330 506 802 to arrange your own boiler servicing in Epsom.

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