Boiler Servicing in Epsom and Surrey from Time-Served Gas Engineers

Since starting out in 2018, Surrey Gas & Services Ltd has completed various plumbing, heating and gas works for customers throughout Surrey. Our team of former British Gas engineers has more than 16 years of shared experience between them, with each one having a thorough understanding of boiler servicing. You can rest assured that your appliance is in the safest hands when you use our company for a service.


Located in Kingston-upon-Thames and Shere, we service boilers for homeowners, tenants and landlords in Epsom, and for those in all of the surrounding areas.


Just like a car needs an annual MOT test, so it is that a boiler requires regular maintenance to keep it in optimal condition for longer. Booking in for boiler servicing every 12 months keeps your appliance functional, safe and efficient. This saves you money on the cost of avoidable repairs in the future and could lower your energy bills at the same time.


Furthermore, it can save you the stress and hassle of having to deal with a boiler breakdown. Take the time to read the testimonials of previous customers in and around the Epsom area, and call us to book in for a service yourself.

Boiler Installations in Epsom

Some of the key benefits to regular boiler servicing from our professional gas engineers include:


  • Boiler Guarantees – If you own a boiler that comes with a manufacturer warranty, such as one from a brand like Worcester Bosch, the terms and conditions might ask that you keep the appliance serviced to protect the warranty.
  • Energy Efficiency – Annual boiler servicing helps to keep your Epsom and Surrey home energy efficient. This saves you more money on your utility bills and, over the years, reduces your carbon footprint to help the environment.
  • Spotting Problems – Through a regular service, our gas engineers can spot the early warning signs that point to a malfunctioning appliance and resolve them before they develop into a major issue and costlier repair work.
  • Avoiding Bigger Issues – Bigger issues, such as faulty fans, broken heat exchangers, blocked central heating systems and damaged heat pumps, cause permanent damage which may lead to a replacement boiler installation.
  • Increase Boiler Lifespan – Regular boiler servicing for a conventional, combination or system model maintains a consistent hot water and heating supply in your Epsom or Surrey home without any worries about breakdowns.
  • Health and Safety – Annual servicing ensures that your boiler’s internal components operate safely. This cuts out the potential for issues such as gas leaks, which are incredibly dangerous and could lead to personal harm.
Central Heating Repairs in Epsom

It is essential that only registered Gas Safe engineers (or OFTEC registered tradespersons for oil models) perform boiler servicing. These accreditations guarantee that inspections, maintenance work and boiler repairs comply with the latest industry standards. This is critical for the safety of you, and for anybody else living in your household.


Surrey Gas & Services Ltd recommends that customers in Epsom and the surrounding areas book in for boiler servicing with our gas engineers during the summer. This ensures that your boiler will work efficiently by the time winter arrives.


Please navigate to the appropriate page of our website for a comprehensive price list of our plumbing and heating services.

Call our gas engineers on 03330 506 802 for boiler servicing in Epsom and the surrounding Surrey area.

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Boiler Installations in Epsom
Central Heating Repairs in Epsom
Boiler Installations in Epsom
Central Heating Repairs in Epsom
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