Central Heating Repairs in Epsom | An Introduction to Powerflushing

Have you noticed a change in your central heating system’s performance? Do your radiators have cold spots? Do they even heat up at all? If you’re experiencing issues with your system, swift action can help to avoid much more extensive and costly central heating repairs. At Surrey Gas & Services, we provide a full range of heating solutions in Epsom and across Surrey. This includes powerflushing.


In this blog, we provide a brief introduction to the powerflushing process. The service itself centres on your boiler, pipes and radiators. Our on-site gas engineers send water from a specialist unit through your central heating system at high speeds. This then removes accumulated sludge, dirt, rust and debris.


If you allow these substances to build up inside your boiler and central heating system, they eventually cause corrosion and blockages. Initially, this will reduce your boiler’s efficiency. Ultimately, it will lead to a boiler breakdown.


To find out if you require a powerflush, or any other central heating repairs, please call us on 03330 506 802. We cover Epsom and all surrounding Surrey areas.


What Happens and How Long Does it Take?


As gas engineers, we utilise cutting-edge equipment and tools in all our central heating repairs. For powerflushing, this requires use of a high-power machine called a pumping station. This piece of equipment removes the sludgy build up and dirty water inside your system. Of equal importance, it introduces clean water. To fight more severe sludgy build ups, we may apply a chemical into your system before connecting the pumping station. This breaks down the sludge before the flushing starts.


The powerflushing process has numerous stages. Depending on the condition and size of your central heating system, it can take anywhere between a few hours to an entire day to finish.


  • Step One – After setting up, we spend roughly 90 minutes flushing your Epsom home’s entire system in both directions. Next, we focus on more troublesome areas until they run clean. Radiators with heavy contamination undergo their own dedicated service. This may include using an ‘agitator’ – a hammer action drill with a tough pad attachment that helps to release sludgy build ups.
  • Step Two – Having finished the system clean out, we then add a chemical neutraliser before washing it through your central heating system. Our team then performs PH balance checks. A system with too much acidity can result in internal corrosion and avoidable central heating repairs.
  • Step Three – Our engineers then add an ‘inhibitor’ fluid to your system. This helps to prevent future corrosion while limiting build ups of sludge.


How Do I Know When I Need a Powerflush?


There are numerous symptoms that indicate your system in Epsom may need a powerflush. As experts in central heating repairs, the gas engineers at Surrey Gas & Services quickly recognise the signs, including:


  • Black, sludgy water in the central heating system
  • Mostly cold radiators with a hot strip toward the top
  • Poor circulation around a system that used to work efficiently
  • Being able to attach a magnet to copper pipes (iron sludge)
  • A header tank in the attic overflowing


We also recommend having a powerflush if you intend to install a new boiler while retaining an existing central heating system and radiators. Again, we use PH tests to assess the level of corrosive substances in the system. The results will inform whether you need a full powerflush or not.


In less severe cases, we may only need to proceed with a dynamic flush. This cleans the system using mains pressure water only.

In addition, it’s also a requirement that every system, be it in Epsom or any other location, undergoes a thorough flush before a new boiler installation. However, this doesn’t necessarily need to be a powerflush.


What Are the Benefits of Powerflushing?


Much like our full range of central heating repairs and maintenance services, our powerflushing in Epsom and Surrey delivers numerous benefits, including:


  • Improved energy efficiency
  • Enhanced system reliability
  • Potentially reduced energy bills
  • May increase system’s lifespan
  • Radiators that warm up faster
  • Less noise from radiators and boiler
  • Better quality hot water and heating
  • Less chance of boiler breakdown
  • Reduced chance of central heating repairs

Call Surrey Gas & Services on 03330 506 802 to talk over your own boiler repair or servicing needs. We cover all locations in the Worcester Park area.

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