Central Heating Repairs in Epsom | 3 Essential System Checks to Make Before Winter

During the height of summer and early autumn, it’s understandable that your thoughts rarely turn to the winter weather. However, before the chilly nights become freezing days, it’s important that you’re prepared. As such, we advise checking that the central heating system in your Epsom home works to optimal standards well in advance. This gives you enough time to schedule any urgent central heating repairs.


The last thing you want is to turn on your heating when you need it most, only to find its faulty or broken. A proactive approach ensures you transition from the warmer months to the colder ones with ease and peace of mind.


We have dedicated this blog to our 3 checks for your central heating and hot water system. If you find you need central heating repairs of any kind, please call Surrey Gas & Services on 03330 506 802 to discuss your needs. We cover Epsom and all surrounding areas.


Prepare Your Central Heating for Winter


To avoid getting caught in the cold, Surrey Gas & Services recommends that you perform the following central heating checks:


Check Your Home’s Radiators


Always start with the simple step and turn your system on as normal. When your home is fully heated, check each individual radiator around your property. If you find any cold spots, this is often caused by trapped air. Should you feel these spots toward the bottom of the radiator, you can usually release this air by bleeding them.


However, cold spots on a radiator might also be an early sign of various other issues that require central heating repairs.

Have you kept up to date with your heating system maintenance? If not, yours could contain sludgy build-ups. These deposits cause radiator cold spots and, eventually, boiler breakdown.


To ensure your Epsom is ready for the winter ahead, you may need one of our gas engineers to perform a powerflush on your system.


Have a Boiler Servicing


Your boiler is at the heart of your central heating system. Therefore, its condition and performance have a huge impact on how efficiently it heats your home. Yes, issues within the wider system can be entirely unrelated to the boiler, and vice versa, but there’s no denying the connection between the two.


Therefore, an efficient boiler helps to reduce the chances of central heating repairs. The best way to keep your boiler in optimal condition is through annual servicing. As Gas Safe registered engineers, Surrey Gas & Services covers all your boiler and central heating servicing and repair needs.


Your on-site engineer will integrate central heating system checks as part of your boiler servicing. This allows us to identify any signs of damage to pipework and radiators. If we find such problems at your Epsom home, we perform the necessary boiler and central heating repairs in time for the drop in temperature.


Check Your Boiler’s Pressure


After turning on your heating system, your boiler’s pressure should stay inside the green zone on the pressure gauge. If the pressure drops, you could experience a loss of hot water and all the inconvenience that brings. You can avoid drops in pressure by checking and using the filling link/loop. If the pressure is too high, you can bleed your radiators. But please note, if the pressure drops too low, you will likely experience lower levels of efficiency.


If your boiler pressure drops or rises on a consistent basis, we strongly advise getting in touch with us. This ongoing issue usually indicates an underlying problem somewhere in your Epsom property. The sooner our gas engineers carry out an inspection and perform the required boiler or central heating repairs, the less disruption you will experience.


Please remember, by law, only a professional on the Gas Safe Register can undertake work on your gas appliances. It is illegal to have such services performed by an unqualified individual or company.

Call Surrey Gas & Services on 03330 506 802 to talk over your own boiler repair or servicing needs. We cover all locations in the Epsom area.

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