Avoid the Cost of New Boiler Installations in Epsom with our Powerflush Service

At Surrey Gas & Services Ltd, we undertake central heating repairs, boiler repairs and general plumbing, heating and gas works on a daily basis. Our work with home appliances and utilities means that we understand the importance of making a house more energy efficient, and we also know how crucial it is to keep it that way. Not only can something like a new boiler installation or comprehensive boiler servicing make your home more efficient, but it may also save you time and money in the long run.


Based in Kingston-upon-Thames and Shere, Surrey, our fully qualified plumbing, heating and gas engineers carry out a variety of services in the Surrey area, to help optimise the energy efficiency of properties in and around Epsom.


If your central heating system is unreliable or inefficient, a new boiler installation is often the obvious choice. However, while this may solve the problem, we understand that it can be an expensive option for many homeowners.


That is why Surrey Gas & Services Ltd offers an alternative, and far more affordable, solution as part of our central heating repairs and boiler servicing.


Our Powerflushing Service


Dirty water in heating systems is often the reason customers around the Surrey region call our gas engineers for central heating repairs. In fact, dirty water is to blame for almost 90% of boiler repairs we carry out in the Epsom area. To avoid boiler breakdowns from occurring, we recommend Powerflushing your radiators.


Dirty water can cause debris like limescale, rust and sludge to build up in the pipes of your home, which can then lead to leaks or blockages. Likewise, a build-up of sludge and debris causes cold spots in a radiator, preventing the heat from flowing through the system effectively and forcing radiators to work harder to produce the right amount of heat.


Our plumbing, heating and gas engineers use a three-step chemical process and a powerful machine to flush out your pipes, radiators and boiler, forcing the dirty water out of your system and replacing it with clean water. Once we have performed the Powerflush and cleared away all the debris in your system, your boiler, pipes and radiators should work to their full capacity.


We use this method for central heating repairs to save you money on the cost of a new boiler installation at your home in Epsom. However, if your heating still isn’t as efficient as it could be, our gas engineers can also carry out regular boiler servicing to optimise your system and prevent it from developing problems.


A Powerflush not only keeps your central heating system running more efficiently for longer, but it can also lower the risk of breakdowns, avoiding expensive boiler repairs whilst reducing the cost of energy bills for your Epsom home.


Dirty water can affect even fairly recent boiler installations. Booking us for regular boiler servicing every year should enable us to detect the presence of debris or sludge in a system. This prevents the need for expensive boiler repairs or central heating repairs.


At Surrey Gas & Services Ltd, our plumbing, heating and gas engineers charge a standard price of £400 to Powerflush up to 9 radiators at your Epsom home.


Please navigate our site to learn more about the costs of our expert services.

Call our gas engineers on 03330 506 802 for Powerflushing services, boiler installations, boiler repairs, boiler servicing and central heating repairs in the Epsom area.

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