Boiler Repairs in Worcester Park | Plumbing, Heating and Gas Works that Could Help Sell your Home

If your current property is starting to feel a bit cramped, you’re expecting a new addition to the family and need more space, or you just feel it’s time to move on, then you may be looking to sell up and move home. Even if you’re just planning to downsize, there are countless home improvements you could undertake to improve the saleability of your house in Worcester Park. From painting the walls with a more neutral colour to keeping the garden neat and tidy, the internet is full of tips and tricks with which to snare potential buyers.


While painting and decorating is an obvious solution, there are numerous other options that many homeowners tend to overlook.


At Surrey Gas & Services Ltd, our plumbing, heating and gas engineers specialise in a range of services, such as boiler repairs, boiler servicing, central heating repairs and boiler installations. Although these may not sound like the most glamorous home improvements to make, a faulty central heating system or inefficient boiler can be off-putting for potential buyers, or give them cause to offer below the market value of your Worcester Park property.


Boiler Repairs


While a new boiler installation is an expensive way of resolving inefficiency – particularly if you won’t be the one benefitting from it in future – our gas engineers offer boiler servicing to determine what the problem is. We undertake all kinds of boiler repairs and maintenance works to help models keep ticking over for as long as possible.


Central Heating Repairs


Likewise, we carry out central heating repairs to make your system more efficient. While this may not be an issue in the summer months, showing potential buyers around a cold house in Worcester Park during winter can give the wrong impression and may even put some people off making an offer.


Unvented Hot Water Cylinders


While most households tend to have vented cylinders, having a new unvented cylinder installed by our expert gas engineers provides hot water at mains pressure. As unvented cylinders do not require a cold water storage tank, this frees up your attic space and makes your loft suitable for a conversion, which may be an attractive feature for potential buyers.


To maximise space and efficiency, we offer a bespoke unvented hot water cylinder service, designing the unit to suit your needs and available space. To save time and money, consider letting us fit a new cylinder in tandem with a boiler installation, to boost the hot water and heating capabilities of your Worcester Park home in one fell swoop.


Bathroom Installations


As perhaps the most frequently used room in any property, potential buyers often place a lot of importance on a bathroom’s appliances. If your shower operates with low water pressure but you can’t afford a new boiler installation or unvented hot water cylinder, consider upgrading to a power shower. The built-in electrical pump increases flow rate and provides a more powerful jet of water, for improved performance.


If your previous boiler installation occurred in the bathroom of your Worcester Park property, you may want to consider relocating it to a less conspicuous location. While fitters tend to hide bathroom boilers behind cupboards, units can still be an eyesore and take up valuable space.


Moving a unit to an airing cupboard would also make boiler servicing and boiler repairs far easier.

Call our gas engineers on 03330 506 802 to help sell your home in Worcester Park with boiler repairs, boiler installations, central heating repairs and boiler servicing.

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